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Deposit Products by Anagha society are defined as the “services” provided to customers upon investment of funds with our society. We have streamlined different products in order to provide tailor-made solutions to our existing and potential Clients. Our Recurring and Fixed Deposit solutions will compliment your day-to-day financial goals, ensuring you are always maximizing every opportunity to make your money work harder with us. So, whether you prefer to save small amounts regularly, have a large lump sum amount to invest, or would simply like to sweep your surplus money to an account offering higher interest, we have a solution for everything you look for.


Anagha society provides various options of investing into a Fixed Deposit scheme for various terms for normal and senior citizens. Opening a FD account with Anagha society is very easy and offers greater returns on your investment compared to other instrument with highest safety and minimal risks.


The advantage in opening a Recurring Deposit Account is that the depositor would have flexibility to save certain sums in fixed monthly installments so that he would be able to meet an anticipated liability / obligation after the end of a specified period.Attractive interest rates are offered for a longer tenure of maturity.


A Saving accounts is a convenient entry point to our society, it takes less than 30 minutes to open an SB account with Anagha. One can open individual / joint savings account with us. Anagha society has special SB account options for students and senior citizens. SB account has offers lucrative interest rates on your account funds.

Interest Rate: 3.00%


Pigmy deposit is the most popular account with our society. Its a convenient way for small traders, shop owners to deposit small chunks of amounts into their pigmy accounts on a daily basis. The society provides doorstep service for collection of amount. Interest rates are very favorable and the deposit can be used to avail loans with our society at reasonable rates. It inculcates regular saving habits for daily earnings.

Interest Rate: 3.5%